New Cameras! Canon 5d mk3 review.


We have now added the Canon 5dmk3 to our fleet of cameras, so here is our initial review of the new cameras.

The new cameras give us better video controls, adds much improved auto focus and low light capabilities, and improves the capture rate over our earlier mk2’s.

What has been surprising for us is the big step up from the mk2. It’s much more than a upgrade… It’s a whole new kettle of fish.

There are a load of new small improvements which makes the camera more intuitive and more useable. The new AF controls mean we can quickly scroll through the AF options as we are looking in the finder. The new lock on the main selector knob means it less likely to be accidentally changed.

I don’t like the new side entry for the battery compartment on the add on grip… It’s more difficult to change batteries whilst the flash bracket is being used. It seems to me that this is a touch to make the machine a little more 1d series like, But is no real improvement.

The AF preformance is simply astonishing. It’s such as huge step up from the mk2 that there is really no basis for comparison… And the lowlight capabilites are a huge step up.. On the mk2 I was uncomfortable above 800 ISO, But I have already shot in desperation a couple of jobs at 3200… And was unable to see any real noise at all. This combined with the new AF really opens up available light possibilities, and is something which will directly benefit our customers.

I am still struggling with RAW files which seem a bit too saturated… And they are not supported by Win 7 apparently….

But this camera also takes a SD card, so I will be adding the Eye-fi SD card in the new year, And then wirelessly linking to the iPad, speeding this process up as well.

But so far… So good. A Big thumbs up.

And we got a great price on them from Calumet, with some help from Azule finance and Canons Interest free offer!