New London Video Property Tours from Page One!


Barratt London chooses Page One to produce property tour videos!

It’s always nice to be able to talk about new work, and when we are chosen to produce video property tours for one of the leading UK home builders in London, it’s even better still!

With hundreds of property videos under our belts, we were still surprised to be approached by Barratt’s London division.

Shooting London properties has given us an excellent opportunity for our work to reach an entirely new audience.

It’s also posed a new set of challenges, both logistically and quality wise, and has lead to us building a new workflow to accommodate these.

Barratt has placed these property videos at the centre of their online marketing…

Check out how they have used the tours we produced at their Kiddepore Green development… Starting with the front page embed.

At Kiddepore Green we produced videos for over £4,000,000 worth of property!

With so many video companies and photographers to choose from in the capital, being asked to undertake video or photography work in London feels like a real win!

Shot with a two man crew and then edited in our Nottingham studio, feedback from the client is enabled by our online proofing facility to ensure we hit all the key USP’s for the property.

The real benefit of a property video tour over other types of immersive experiences, is the curated nature of video.

We can use video to build an aspirational vision for the potential buyer, ensuring they experience all the best parts of a property.

With video we tell a story, create mood, and engage with the viewer. Curating this experience with video is the best way to ensure a positive experience.

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