Like Wow! Fuji X1-Pro!


Looks like my rejection of the Fuji X10 was a lucky move, as Fuji have just announced the camera I have been waiting for since selling my Leica M4’s!

The Fuji X1-Pro! A digital rangefinder camera with interchangeable lenses, AF or MF, 6 FPS and high ISO capabilities. At a price that we can afford… (Unlike the Leicas….)

Fuji X1-Pro
The camera we have been waiting for!!

Initial reviews look favorable… Size is almost identical to the M9… if quality of image matches the hype… this could be a excellent camera.

The initial lens offering is a 18mm, a 35mm and a 60mm…. giving 28mm, 50mm, and 90mm full frame …. All fast and solid metal.

The next lens I would like would be a fast 23mm… ergo 35mm.

Its looking like £2000 will get a body and 2 lenses.

Sign me up!