Italian Olympic swimming shoot for Speedo.


Documentary Photography with the Italian National swimming squad!

I recently did a couple of days documentary photography with members of the Italian Olympic swimming team as they tested the new “Fastskin3” gear at Speedo in Nottingham.

The pictures were all Hush-hush until after the official launch, which was on December 1st, of Speedo’s new hi-tech swimming costumes.

Included were some of Italy’s top athletes, including 100meter World Champion Fillipo Magnini, Fabio Scozzoli, and Luca Dotto.

You can see how La Gazzetta used the material (In colour..) .. La Gazzetta dello Sporto!

The photographs has also been used extensivley in other publications in Italy including Vanity Fair.

In addition to the colour edit, I also produced a short Black and white edit of the pictures and present a few here for you to enjoy.


Italian Swim Team photographed by Doug Marke for Speedo


Italian swim team photography by Doug Marke at Page One

Italian Swim team photographed by Doug Marke at Page One

Italian Swim team testing at Speedo, photographed by Doug Marke

Italian swim team at Speedo Nottingham, photographed by Doug Marke


We started the photography at Speedo’s hi tech development centre, and then spent a day at their secret testing pool.

All the photography was off the cuff and with natural light, the originals presented to the client in colour.

For all you biscuit junkies… everything was shot on the 5dmk2 and the 7d, 17-40L, 24-70L, and 70-200L all pressed into action…. ISO circa 800-1000 iso…. originals in colour but I like the black and white!


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