I love portraits!


Really, I do! Portraits are why I love photography.

Getting out and meeting interesting people. I usually spend most of the session gassing on. I like to think that getting to know someone, and having a common point of reference can help to get a better picture.

Thats a good justification for staying out of the office a bit longer…

Anyways… here are a few I have recently been asked to shoot. There is a young lady who has started a charity, Shot for the Sunday People (!), a business man shot for the Daily Telegraph, A rugby player for the Independent, and a Olympic high jumper shot for the Scottish Sun. (Again double !!)

Now, as the observant amongst you will note, a couple of these are RED TOPS!! We don’t do much work for these guys, But I don’t like to differentiate between a portrait for them, and one for say, the Indy. There’s no doubt you need to shoot a bit tighter and bolder, but I still like to try to do something interesting and on style. Surprisingly when we do get asked to do work for the tabloids, and we shoot something a lot more interesting… the papers actually use the pictures very very well. So, you don’t have to compromise your work because its going into the popular media.









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