Great product videos with an excellent result!


Product videos are now an essential addition to any website selling directly to consumers.

We recently produced five product videos for the uk’s premier supplier of karaoke equipment, East Midlands Karaoke. (EMK)

EMK designs and retails a variety of karaoke equipment to consumers and businesses, and has even had their equipment featured on EastEnders!

They came to us early in the year to produce and shoot an explainer / demonstration product video to illustrate their top of the range karaoke player, for use on their own website, and on their social media and Ebay channels.

We wanted to deliver a short video showing off the highlights and USP’s of the machines, which also maximised the trust and goodwill in their company. To do this we used one of EMK’s own staff to deliver a short script in our green screen / chromakey video production studio in Nottingham, and then added images of the machine and graphics.

You can watch the first video here;

The video was then uploaded to the customer’s website as well as their YouTube channel late on a Friday before the bank holiday long weekend.

When EMK returned to their offices on Tuesday, they found that the YouTube version of the video had attracted over three thousand views, and the version embedded in their website over three hundred… leading to a 50% conversion rate, and selling out of stock at their slowest time of year!

We used a number of different techniques to produce the different videos, including chroma key, 2d animations and animating still images.

Animating still images shot in studio can produce excellent results, eliminating many of the problems associated with camera movement such as 24p judder and rolling shutter.

It can also be highly cost effective, producing images which can be used both in the video and in stills form.

You can see the results of using still images for a product video here;

EMK’s experience really shows how product and explainer videos can win trust and boost sales.

If you would like to commission a product video, or just get some ideas as to how we could help you,  contact us!