Fuji X10 quick review….

Fuji X10 review
Fuji X10

I have been very keen to get my hands on the new Fuji X10. As a ex-Leica user (2x M4P’s…) I have been searching for a digital replacement that didn’t break the bank for a long time…..

So, I was very pleased to see the X10, with its zoom lens, viewfinder, compact form, decent build, and good low light capabilities, combined with a price that was affordable in these constrained times, the X10 looked like a winner.

So, with credit card in hand I proceeded to my nearest Jessops were a very helpfull young man brought the jewel like device out of the cabinet and let me loose….

Sadly, I was left disapointed…… A rangefinder camera should be a quick and seemless tool that almost becomes one with you as you shoot…. and certainly the very simple M4’s did this…. and the X100 with its excellent viewfinder also does this….. but the X10 doesnt.

There are a 4 problems from my perspective with the X10……

1) The viewfinder is very poor. Especially if you wear glasses like I do…. the diopter correction is very difficult to get right and requires continuous fiddling, its too small to be comfortable, and the lack of any sort of focus indication means that you have to go back to the rear screen to ensure you are getting things right… which negates the whole thing!

2) The lens doesnt feel great and it doesnt zoom smoothly… it just doesnt feel as solid and quality as it should…. and zooming whilst looking through the tiny viewfinder is a pain…

3) The overall feel is just not as good as it looks…. compare it side by side with the X100 and the drop in quality is odvious.

4) The menu is not intuitive… I really couldnt figure it out…. and that means that its missed the point of a rangefinder… which should be about simplicity….

And finally… as a aside… the Fuji Raw format is not useable in Photoshop yet…


So, sadly the camera is a lot further from the mark than would at first appear… it certainly is not a usefull tool for me, and I suspect for most professionals, who will find that the lack of a focus indicator in the viewfinder kills it off…

The X100 on the other hand is a fabulous machine… and has a excellent viewfinder and good simple controls… but sadly, the 35mm lens limits its usefullness… I always used my 28mm and 90mm on the Leicas… So please Mr Fuji, can we have X100w (wide.. a 24mm lens…) and a X100p (Portrait.. 85mm) versions…. in black??

But sadly a thumbs down on the x10.