Everyone loves a doggy photo!


Forget cats, the real stars of photography are dogs!

I thought that Erik Kessels collection of one family’s attempt to photograph their black dog was terrific fun, you can see the results in his “In almost every picture 9” collection reproduced in LensCulture ….

Being a big dog fan, it gives me a excuse to share some of the doggy photography that we have snapped in our travels over the past few years.. Including Nottinghamshire polices recent Alsatian Litter used in the Daily Record, and of course our own office dog Fred.

See if you can spot Glamour Model Jakki Deggs dog.

Most of these were just casual snaps of someone I liked…

Doug and Fred peruse the Daily Mail.

For a great dog photograph you need a willing dog, a fast camera to be able to capture the key moment, and to not be a cat fan.