Will 2018 be the year of Agile?


As 2018 opens more people are seeing the value of Agile in digital content and video production.

In their New Year’s blogging, Creative Bloq identified “Minimal Viable Product” (MVP) as the number one trend in digital in 2018.

MVP is a set of principles which abandons the “Big Bang”, embraces iterations and lean production, and mirrors our Agile production methods.

But when we think of MVP we think of maximum value instead of minimal viable, because MVP is actually the optimal way of producing video.

Agile has allowed us to increase the quality of our property videos, as well as reducing turnaround time.

Our property development clients can now role out a steady stream of high quality videos, keeping their digital content on brand and relevant.

But even on one off projects, Agile video methods still produce the optimal result.

Our recent project for Harsco is an example of how agile enabled us to change gear when the project departed from the original plan, and still produce a video which the client loved, on time and on budget.

Agile video production script writing graphic from Page One

And Page One are not the only ones singing this song.

The Foundry recently did an interview with VFX company Main Road Post founder Arman Yahin where he talked about their agile methods and the advantages they bring.

A lot of what Arman says reflects our thinking and embraces the principles which form the backbone of Production at Page One.

Contact us the next time you’re thinking about video to see how agile can be made to work for you.