Addressable Adverts are going to rock your world!


BVOD + Addressable Advertising is the combo businesses have been waiting for to really deliver with their video adverts.

30 second short addressable video for NCT produced off the back of a wider summer campaign.

BVOD (or Broadcast Video On Demand) is something most of us do, stream video from our favourite providers.

This could be our favourite soap on ITVx, or the latest film on your Sky TV box.

BVOD is becoming the dominant way for UK audiences to consume television as people shift from linear to streaming TV.

In fact, the vast majority of UK households are now using BVOD providers to stream content, with 73% streaming content in 2023.

So how does BVOD help businesses?

People view BVOD via the internet on mobile devices, PCs and Smart TVs in their living rooms.

And each of these devices has a unique IP address.

Addressable Adverts are video adverts that are sent directly to one particular IP address.

BVOD providers gather data on viewing habits and cross profile that with other consumer data, physical locations, previous browsing and advertising consumption, to produce highly targeted profiles, boiled down to individual IP addresses.

You could be watching the same show on TV as your neighbour, but get completely different advertising.

Instead of choosing a channel to advertise on with the hope of getting an audience, the BVOD supplier delivers your specific audience, no matter the channel.

It’s probably the most granular consumer targeting possible.

And there’s more, with Addressable Advertising you only pay for an audience if it actually watches your content.

You don’t pay for adverts that are not seen and you don’t pay to advertise to people who are not your audience.

This makes addressable video advertising the best value for money of any video advertising, delivering markedly better results than on Facebook or YouTube.

It also means an addressable campaign can be a fraction of the cost of a traditional campaign.

As social media becomes more fragmented and the competition on those becomes more intense, finding an audience on those channels has become more challenging, and more expensive.

With Addressable Adverts, businesses cut through the social noise and directly reach their audience.

By leveraging data driven audiences in this manner video advertising becomes far more effective.

So how do you produce Addressable Adverts, and more importantly, isn’t it really expensive to do TV advertising?

The short answer is, the same way (With a couple of twists!) as you do other video content, and no, it’s not.

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