A bit of Photo aggro…..


Its funny how the media are so keen on the social movements which are changing the landscape in the middle east, but seem to be ignoring those that are taking place right here in the UK.

Its gotten to the point that there really is very little point photographing the myriad of demostrations and protests that seem to be taking place almost every weekend across the UK.

The UKUNCUT protests are virtually uncovered, the EDL protests rate a sidepar at the most, the students seem to have dissapeared back into their books, the council protests seem to have a invisability cloak, and even last weeks protest in Sheffield made only a few down page side pieces. (All photography mediocrely supplied by the PA… )

On that note the promise of 10,000 protesting outside of the Spring Lib Dem conference in Sheffield got us out on behalf of the Sunday Times, and as the pictures were not published, I thought I would share them here!

Turnout was no were near the 10k mark, But I thought there were a few fun pictures nonetheless….

All pictures were shot by Doug Marke on his 5dmk2 on the 17-40l.