A bit of photojournalism for Specsavers..





I recently had the opportunity to shoot some photojournalism style photography for the launch of Specsavers “Healthcall” service.

This is an excellent free service offered by the opticians to the community where they come out to the home and do eye tests and also supply new glasses.

I was asked to go along and document this, in as unobtrusive a way as possible. Which is my favourite thing, truth be told. So all available light, and a chance to push the 5dmk3 to a high iso.

Everything was shot in colour, but with this sort of thing I do sometimes like to make a black and white edit.

Thanks to the gang at Specsavers, and here is a small selection from the job.



Healthcall 08



Healthcall 03

Healthcall 05

Healthcall 04

Healthcall 06

Healthcall 07



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