What Agile means at Page One in five points.


Agile video production graphic from Page One

What does Agile mean to us? (And You!)

With the challenges we are all facing from COVID, being Agile is the only sensible way to deal with the unique and varying issues presented on every shoot.

So we thought a quick five point taste of what Agile video production means here at Page One, and how it benefits you, would be a good thing!

1) We embrace change.

We don’t expect a project to run smoothly or look exactly how it might have been first envisaged.

We build flexibility and the expectation of change into our ethos and process.

Working as a team where everyone has ownership of a project means that change can be implemented rapidly and easily, and we can easily embrace the unique circumstances that you might now be facing.

2) We Sprint.

When we get started we don’t stop or pause. We focus on a project and maximise our productivity and creativity by minimising stops and starts and keeping our workflow constant. We get work done as quickly as possible within a team environment.

Right now when everyone is under pressure to be a lot more productive, and needs may change rapidly, Sprinting and being engaged means that we are there for you when you need us, and you can deliver content that is relevant and timely.

3) We collaborate instead of negotiate.

We solve your problems instead of getting you to solve ours.

4) We don’t do stuff which has no value for you.

We use your existing brand material and research and knowledge in projects as far as possible, we minimise documentation and only produce what is required. (Do you really need to storyboard?) We don’t include processes which are not needed.

5) We keep control.

We work as a team, produce and edit in our studio, and use our own gear. We don’t experiment on your time.

Keeping control of a project means you don’t have to worry about missed deadlines, because we eliminate uncertainty… and now more than ever, a bit of certainly goes a long way!

Agile video production isn’t about a lack of process, it’s about a different process.

It’s about team work and delivering great video that has value and is timely. It’s about making video work for the client.

We believe that our Agile production means great value video faster, which allows you to use more video more often, keeping your content current and making the most of the advantages video can bring to your business.

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